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Greyhound Pets of America
 Greater Cincinnati
…a chapter of Greyhound Pets of America,
the largest greyhound adoption network in the world.
GPA-Greater Cincinnati is a 501(c)3 corporation organized completely by volunteers who are dedicated to finding responsible, loving homes for professional racing greyhounds who no longer qualify to compete at the racetrack”.
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How you can Help?

We are always looking for greyt fosters.

They are the backbone of our organization without whom we could not bring up dogs for adoption!

Placing a dog in a foster situation does so much to help transition the greyhound to its new life.

Please contact Joan at

for more info!

Why A Greyhound?

401(grey) – It’s a greyhound retirement program.  For a one time donation of $50, the donor can name the dog they want to sponsor and we will thank them on our sponsor page.  Another way to donate is a repeating monthly donation.


Did you know

that a lot of companies have matching gift programs for


Check with your

HR Dept. to see if your company does and you can double your donation to us.

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Available Dogs

You wouldn’t be on this site if you weren’t at least curious about adopting a greyhound.  You may be well-versed in greys, or you have heard something about them, or you are simply looking for a dog to adopt.  In any case, let us offer a bit of information about this awesome breed...Read More



In talking Greyhounds, why don't we begin at the beginning?

The Greyhound breed has a long and storied history.  The Greyhound is an early representative of the sight hound, one that principally hunts its prey by sight.  This type, deep-chested, long-limbed, and powerful, is adapted for finding prey in open country.  Thought to have been an ancestor of the Asiatic Wolf, Greyhounds are first seen in pictures and writing of the Egyptians, who revered them highly, mourning them upon death and embalming them for burial in special tombs.  

Greyhounds were also known to the Greeks, as depicted in many art forms.  Greek historian Arrian wrote quite fondly of his hounds, even to the point of writing, “Nothing is so helpful as a soft warm bed.  It is best of all if they can sleep with a person, because it makes them more human, and because they rejoice in the company of human beings.”  Who would have imagined the ancients could think like many of us do when it comes to our furkids?

It is widely believed that the Celts introduced Greyhounds to Britain from Asia.  In southwestern Wales, in AD 500, “two white-breasted brindled greyhounds” ran beside Prince Kilburgh as he traveled to Arthur's Court.  These dogs wore broad collars, set with rubies, and they were said to have “sprung about their owner like sea-swallows.”  What a wonderful description!  

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