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Here’s what our Foster has to say about me:

This is Mac's Funky Hero.  She was called Funky at the track but I changed her name to Lola when she got to my house.  I found Lola at the track very shy, and scared when anyone got near her.  She was passed up by many groups because she was not friendly and cowered down when anyone got near her. I passed   her up once but thought about her too much when I got home.   Went back and brought her home.    She would not let me touch her for quite a while but once she trusted me that all changed.  After six weeks she is now one of my friends.  She comes when she is called, she lets me pet her and she sneaks up and kisses me when I least expect it.  She has now learned to trust the other dogs and even shares toys, which took a lot of convincing.  Lola is friendly to strangers when they come into my house but is still a little leery of them when they try to touch her.  She has picked certain people now that she is very friendly with.  Lola needs a home with a family that will be very patient with her while she learns to trust them.  She has never been around little kids so I think a house with older kids and adults would be best.  She also needs a home with a fenced yard as she loves running and playing outdoors.  Lola loves squeaky toys and big soft t beds.  She is a big girl, 70 lbs. and is very beautiful.  She has improved tremendously since she came to me but needs a new owner who will understand her fears and be patient and kind to her.

Lola's foster mom

Update on Lola-

Lola has come a long way.  She is now a very happy girl, even smiles at anyone who pets her.  She doesn't run from strangers any more.  She gets along with the other dogs, even has learned to share her toys.  She crates well when I am at work and comes when she is called.  She loves playing and running in the yard.  She runs into her crate when she sees me fixing food and waits for her bowl.  Whatever problems she had at the track are all gone now.  Most of all she has learned to trust people and loves when strangers come to meet her.  Lola is a beautiful big girl full of lots of joy for living.