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Here’s what our Foster has to say about me:


We call her “Shadow” because it fits her!

She is your little shadow

 We discovered she had renal issues shortly after we got her.  Upon further testing it was discovered that she had a severe bladder infection on top of damaged kidneys.  To make it easier for the kidneys to work she started blood pressure medicine.  At the same time we aggressively attacked the bladder infection with strong antibiotics for 4 weeks.  The bladder infection cleared up nicely and we were able to increase her BP meds by 50%.  Together this has allowed her to store/hold her urine output to the point she can "hold" herself all night, usually from 11 pm until 7 am.  During the day, she doesn't do as well, maybe 5 hours tops.  We think the reason for that is simply she's more active during daylite hours.

To watch her rip around the yard with the rest of the pack and toss toys around and jump up on the couch and lay her head in your lap, you would never know anything is wrong.  She is one of the sweetest and lovable little girls we have ever looked after.

An adopter would have to be patient with the occasional accidents.  We do have her trained to pee pads but sometimes she misses.  She crates for her meals but otherwise she is left out as being in a crate for more than an hour makes her very anxious.  As a result, her blood pressure rises and she loses control of her bladder.  She will need BP meds (Enalipril) with her meals, and blood workups done occasionally with the results reported to Dr Rogers her internist and follow up with an occasional visits with him.  She must have drinking water available to her except at lights out.  

Other than that just let her be cute and lovable.