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Here’s what our Foster has to say about me:

Windell is a docile, gentle laid back dog.  He is currently living with three other greyhounds, a 12 yr. old lab mix, and a very large cat.  He has blended beautifully with no problems.  He likes to take naps in his crate and prefers his crate to be in the corner.  He likes large fluffy squeaky toys and chicken-flavored Nylabones, although he will play with any of the toys.  He has no problems with sharing and doesn't try to take toys away from the others.  Due to the weather, we haven't had him out yet to walk but hope to do that this week.  We are working on house manners (no counter surfing, helping people eat their dinner, and no running through the house).  He is fine in a large group of people and with smaller dogs, but hasn't been around children yet.