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Greyhound fostering is a serious responsibility and in most cases, at least a two week or longer commitment. This application is intended to assist GPA Greater Cincinnati in evaluating the willingness and ability of prospective foster homes to meet this responsibility. This application and the home visit also assist GPA Greater Cincinnati in placing the right Greyhound in the right foster home.

INITIAL _______

GPA Greater Cincinnati requires the reading of Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies, or Adopting the Racing Greyhound, preferably before the application is submitted, but definitely by the time of the home visit. For homes with children, GPA Greater Cincinnati also requires the reading of Childproofing Your Dog or Living with Kids and Dogs without Losing Your Mind.

INITIAL _______

Straight off the track greyhounds will go through a period of adjustments as he/she settles into your home.  Some greyhounds will be slower to housebreak than others until they adjust to their new routines. Other greyhounds may have a tendency to chew and will need to be muzzled or crated to safeguard your furniture and valuables until they settle in to their new surroundings. While some greyhounds are very social, others are quite shy and will need a quiet gentle approach.  Foster parents need to be prepared for these and possibly other challenges with their foster greyhound.  Most issues of this type can be resolved over time, with patience, TLC and perseverance. GPA Greater Cincinnati will also provide foster support to help assure a successful transition for both the foster home and hound.

INITIAL _______

GPA Greater Cincinnati will provide the foster home with: a foster dog, a foster crate, and any medical care needed for the foster dog. Heartworm preventative will be mailed to each foster home prior to the first of each month. It is your responsibility as a foster home to make sure your foster is given this preventative each month. As a foster home you will occasionally be asked to transport your foster hound to medical appointments or to Meet and Greets. It is also suggested that you take your foster to as many Meet and Greets (M & G) as possible if they are not on home visits. Getting your foster out in the public heightens their chances of adoption. If you agree to foster, you will be provided a Foster Manual. By accepting to foster for GPA Greater Cincinnati, you agree to follow the procedures in this manual.

INITIAL _______

As a foster home, it is your responsibility to contact your foster coordinator the day after getting your foster with an update and then on a weekly basis, more frequently if there is a problem, to report on the progress of your foster hound.

INITIAL _______

Remember, while fostering is a short-term commitment, it is one of the most important steps for a retired racer in finding forever homes.

Please provide the following information:

Name(s):____________________________ Ages:________

Name(s):____________________________ Ages:________

Address: _______________________________________________________________

City: _____________________ State: ______________                  Zip: _______

Home phone: _________ cell phone: ___________ cell phone: ____________

Home e-mail address: ________________________________________

Other contact Info:______________________________________________

How did you learn about GPA GREATER CINCINNATI? ____________________________________________

Why do you want to foster a retired racing Greyhound? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What research have you done regarding Greyhounds? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Other Pets: please provide type, sex, age, spayed or neutered (Y/N), and temperament.

Type (M/F) Age Fixed (Y/N) Temperament


Where is/are your pet(s) during the day, where do/does your pet(s) sleep at night?


Where would your foster be during the day, and where would he sleep at night?


Which of the following behaviors would cause you serious concern if exhibited by your foster Greyhound?  (Check all that apply)

Growling/snapping/biting,…. Chewing,…… Destructiveness,… Digging,…… Getting on furniture, ……fleas,……. too rough with children,…… does not play with children,…….. housebreaking difficulties…….. Injuring or killing another animals,……… other:……(please specify)


How would you rate your knowledge of dog behavior?

None,… 1…, 2…, 3…, 4…, 5…, extensive knowledge…..

Number of adults in your household and ages:


List the children that live in your household and their ages:


List any children that may visit and their ages: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Dose anyone in your household have animal related allergies: Yes …..No…..

Do you have a completely fenced-in yard? Yes …No….

If yes, size of Area:___________. Type of fencing and condition, and height:


If your yard is not fenced, is there a nearby fenced-in, grassy area (ball field, etc.) where you may regularly allow your foster greyhound to exercise?

Describe this area, size and location:


If you do not have a fenced-in yard, are you willing and able to leash walk your foster for its necessary bodily functions at least four (4) times a day and willing and able to take your foster on regular walks for  exercise?

Yes ….No….

Please describe the importance of keeping a Greyhound on a leash at all times when outdoors in an area that is not completely and safely fenced-in:


Please describe your feelings about tying or chaining a dog outside: ___________________________________________________________________

Please explain why Greyhounds need to be kept as indoor dogs: ___________________________________________________________________

Approximately how many hours a day will your foster greyhound be left alone? _______

Describe the area in which you live: City....…Suburbs…....Country…......

Where do you live? House .....…Apartment…......Mobile Home…......Condo….......

If you rent or lease, do you have your landlord’s permission to have a dog?

Yes _____ No______

Landlord’s Name_______________________________________


Are there stairs in your home that your foster will have to negotiate?


If yes, how many? Inside:_____ Outside: ______.

Who will be responsible for the care and training of your foster?



Please tell us anything about yourself that you feel might help us in placing a foster greyhound in your home.


Greyhounds are indoor pets; do you agree to keep your foster indoors?

Yes ..….No….....

Do you agree to use the tag collar provided by GPA GREATER CINCINNATI on your foster greyhound at all times?


If for any reason you are unable to continue to foster, the Greyhound must be returned to GPA GREATER CINCINNATI.

Do you agree to immediately notify a representative of GPA GREATER CINCINNATI if you are no longer able to foster, and agree never to give or sell your foster greyhound to any individual, animal shelter, pound, humane group or laboratory?

Yes ….No…..

References: By providing GPA GREATER CINCINNATI with these names, you consent to a representative of GPA GREATER CINCINNATI contacting your references regarding your interest in fostering a retired racing greyhound.



Please list below individuals, with telephones numbers and addresses, who you have known for more than two years and who do not reside with you and are not family members. If you have not listed a veterinarian, please list three references.

Reference #1: _________________________Phone _________________

Reference #2: _________________________Phone _________________

Reference #3: _________________________Phone__________________

I/We, ___________________________________________, understand that in order to complete the processing of this Application, a representative of GPA GREATER CINCINNATI will schedule a visit to our home to assist us in matching the needs of a Foster Greyhound with the needs of our household. By submitting this Application, I/We agree to such a scheduled visit and confirm that all members of the household will be present at this visit. I/We agree that if this Application is approved, it will become part of the GPA GREATER CINCINNATI Foster Agreement.

______________________________________ ____________________

Signature Date

______________________________________ ____________________

Signature Date

Please Complete the Form and Click Submit or Mail it to:

GPA Cincinnati- Foster

C/O Joan Buck

2002 Millville Shandon Rd.

Hamilton, OH  45013-8067