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We’re Greytful you stopped by...

Here’s what our Foster has to say about me:

Meet Rupi: pronounced “ROO-pee” and short for “RuPaul.”

Rupi has been with us for several months as he was working in the 4-H program.  He recently competed in the Clermont County Jr. Fair Dog Show and won in Showmanship!!

Rupi is one of a kind.  He turns 4 years old this month so he has that calm, laid back couch potato demeanor of a greyhound.  On the other hand, squeak or crinkle a toy and he’s ready to go!  He pounces and tosses the toy, all while spinning or running in circles.  He almost fetches – he usually runs and gets the toy and sometimes will “leave it” when he returns.

He’s a smart boy and learns fast.  He responds well to: leave it, off, out, back, wait, outside, house.  He will even go lie down when told “night night.”  Even though he knows he’s in retirement and gets a lot of “free” time, he does crate very well.  We have not tried to teach him to sit because he was preparing for a showmanship class, but he might be able to learn it!  

He loves cushy dog beds and a good rub under his neck.  He gets along with our grey, our two small dogs (min-pin mixes) and our cat, sharing the water bowl with all of them!  He is not food aggressive, but does prefer no one else being near his food bowl while he eats.

Rupi will be at Pets Supplies Plus on Montgomery Road.  If you just can’t wait until the official Meet & Greet to meet him, submit an application or contact us – we can set up an individual meeting.