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Mercury came into my life at a mere two years old and left me shortly before his seventh birthday. He had been in several homes, then to a foster home in this area. They did not think that he was a "good guy" and turned him over to me, He was my very first foster and was kinda a troubled boy that needed some extra tender loving care. At times he was a challenge, but kindness turned him into a big, lovable boy. He always loved to be touched and was an absolute gentleman to his sister and all the foster girls that have come and gone in my home. He always went out the door first, than stopped and waited for the ladies. Coming in he waited at the door for them to go in and then he brought up the rear.

Mercury was known as the "whiner" at M & G's. He always wanted a kind hand petting him, and whenever there was no one to do that he whined. My house has been very sad since my sweet boy went over the bridge. Now he is free of pain, and running freely with his sister Lucy that left him a year and a half ago. They were quite a team, loved each other dearly. Some day I will join them and once again happiness will prevail. Wait at the bridge for me Merc. Never has a day gone by that I have not thought about your sweet lovable face. We will meet again soon my boy and once again I will be able to smile.